Essential Oils


Listed below are the three favorite essential oils that we use in our massages.  This is part of the experience that you can take with you and have shipped directly to your home.   If you’d rather see a full list of oils from a company that does oils right, click this button to be taken directly to our affiliate shopping experience.

inspire oils with bg sources

Uplifting Blend - "Inspire"

Juicy citrus and cooling mint awaken the senses while spicy undertones provide the fire needed to uplift, motivate and INSPIRE! Diffuse in the morning whenever a sense of ‘get-up-and-go!’ is needed. $26.95 ->

refuge oil with source bg

Calming Blend - "Refuge"

Notes of mellow floral, luscious citrus and inviting vanilla create a personal quiet space in any environment where calm is needed. As daily stresses and worries accrue, REFUGE will be your beacon of peace and serenity. $34.95 ->

Core oil with sources bg

Balancing Blend - "Core"

Like a meditative stroll through a deep and fragrant forest, notes of wood and subtle spice help intent to turn inward; achieving centeredness and connection. Find your balance with CORE. $39.95 ->

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